Monday, September 28, 2009

Please recognize Vicki as a Jewish Community Hero

While others ignored the problem of Rabbinic sexual abuse of children, Vicki let her voice be heard on this obviously unpopular topic. Her tent was open on all four sides for anyone who needed help. We must recognize her as the Jewish Community Hero that she is. Below is the note that Vicki sent out asking for our help and support.

The Jewish Community Hero Award honors those making strides to repair the world, starting in their own communities. The campaign celebrates the selflessness and courage of those who put others before themselves. The Jewish Federation of North America will invest $25,000 into the organization associated with the winner. As you know The Awareness Center desperately needs funding. This award would put us back up running at full speed. If you feel comfortable and believe The Awareness Center deserves a chance at serving the Jewish community internationally, please take time and cast your vote.

Click here to vote:

The rules state that each individual can cast a new vote for the same person every 12 hours, so please if you have time keep voting. The deadline for voting is October 8, 2009.

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