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Blogger frumguy said...

reading the Jewish Press articles on Mordecai Tendler and the RCA is getting pretty scary. The Editorials are clearly a one sided attempt to stop the investigation into some pretty serious charges against the grandson of the late Reb Moshe.

Clearly this is a very upsetting topic to many people and a big embarassment to the Jewish Community. Reading the editorials/articles and letters to the Editor don't do much to make one confident that this matter is being handled in a fair and even handed way. In fact it is sounding more like a Catholic Church coverup every day.

I have personally confronted Rabbi Klass, in the past, about what certainly seemed like distorted and biased articles. His response was, "EVERTHING that we print is true!". I am scared that Rabbi Klass probably does believe what is printed in his newspaper (no matter what!). What may be even worse is that everyone in the Orthodox Community believes what is being printed as well.

Checking a few sources shows that there are 10 alleged victims of sexual harassment. The Jewish Press and Rabbi Klass claimed that there were only three. The article went on to discredit one woman by noting that she had married a black Muslim. The obvious intent here was to discredit the woman accusing Mordecai Tendler of sexually harassing her.

Can we get some honest and unbiased reporting somewhere? Is it a requirement to be uneducated if you are frum? I am an orthodox Jewish guy and I don't believe that this is what Hashem wants from us. If there even the slightest chance that Rabbi Tendler did something wrong then we ALL have an obligation to make sure that it is investigated and addressed.

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Blogger Just Yidding said...

Good luck on your new blog!

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Blogger frumguy said...

Has anything changed?
there is a considerable amount of noise in the orthodox Jewish Community about the use of BLOGS to combat Rabbinic Abuse. ..........It's interesting (and ironic) that corrupt and dishonest publications, such as the Jewish Press, are upset that blogs cannot be regulated and they are not accountable to anyone for their accuracy. How funny that the source of so many lies now is upset that they cannot control the internet. (Although the ban against the internet is equally humorous.) ....Of course we know better. We are all accountable, to the one above us, for our own actions. So many of our religious leaders continue to be silent and allow those who are helpless to be abused. Some are actively attacking the victims of Rabbinic Abuse who are indeed often very easy targets. (Abusers always look for those who are most vulnerable!)
....The world is changing. We must keep doing our best to promote the truth. Interesting that so much of the true leadership is coming from the ladies in our community. When will the frum men finally get some courage to stand up to the Rabbinic abuse? We love to talk about how the world was silent when the Nazis murdered us. Why are so willing to be silent now? ...Avi...

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Blogger John Galt said...

I also followed the JP coverage of Rabbi Tendler's case. But, my take is quite different from yours. JP all along stuck with the one major issue - the RCA refused and, as far as I know STILL refuses, to do the right thing and put Rabbi Tendler before a Bet Din. I don't know anyone personally involved in the case so I have NO idea or opinion about whether Rabbi Tendler possibly did anything wrong that he is being accused of. The JP from day one has been saying, we don't know either and it IS important to know [but actually MORE important to treat this whole issue correctly according to Halachah] so, let's convene a Bet Din. It is the right thing to do; it is Rabbi Tendler's right [whether guilty or not] and, there's NO excuse for not doing it. So, WHY does the RCA and those others involved REFUSE to do this? (Also, BTW, the JP's descriptions and accountings of the actions of RCA, their website, and the Awareness Center were devastatingly correct and accurate.) So, let's DO get to the bottom of this. Just realize that that means one thing only - convening a legal Bet Din to try Rabbi Tendler.

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Blogger frumguy said...

I wish that the Batei Denim today had the courage and integrity to face up to these challenges.

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