Sunday, May 08, 2005

Some other websites and blogs that I respect...

Without a doubt the Awareness Center is one of the most controversial Jewish websites around. Vicki Polin and the Awareness Center was recently mentioned in a pointed letter to the editor in the Jewish Press. Obviously advertising the names and pictures of accused sexual abusers does not sit well with orthodox Jews when the accused is a Rabbi. Checkout the site and make your own informed decisions.

The Jewish WhistleBlower seems to be an overall airing of dirty (Jewish) laundry although I personally found it refreshing and straight forward. The article about a Sephardic Rabbi's son kidnaping someone trying to date his sister sounds like it could have happened in my family! The Jewish WhistleBlower obviously feels that we should be the first to address problems in our community. I agree.

Two notable blogs run by survivors of sexual abuse should be read by anyone with a heart who cares about others. I admire these ladies and support their efforts completely. Maybe we should open up and deal with our community problems instead of trying to cover them up! Oh I forgot that doesn't sell newspapers or appeal to the corrupt shvitzers (don't ask me to translate) in the orthodox Jewish Community.
(OK I will translate - a shvitzer is a Yiddish word for a person who thinks a lot of him/herself - aka a smart aleck.)

Hey Torah is honesty and truth isn't it? I don't believe that the Jewish Community has anything to be ashamed of (overall) in terms of these communal problems. Our charity and kindness rivals ANY other group. We value truth and justice and we are certainly justified in condemning those who were silent during atrocities against Jews and humanity throughout history. So we ourselves have a few dishonest tough guys there. I think that we should go after them and expose them before they truly become a cancerous tumor within our midst. We shouldn't expect anyone else to address these problems. We gotta have courage and deal with these issues ourselves... now.

Above all else this is a fight between good and evil. Rabbi Klass maybe you should change sides.

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