Sunday, May 28, 2006

oh so now they cry foul !!!

The Jewish Press and Rabbi Klass just love to complain that the blogs cannot be controlled. How ironic since his lies and biased reporting has gone unchecked for so many years. Meanwhile the frum community has had some bad press because of a lawsuit. When will we realize that our only real problem is that covering up Rabbinic abuse makes us all unwitting partners? The number of abusers out there is very small - although our communal guilt in covering up their crimes is something that we do need to address. We just need to come clean and stop covering up for these creeps. Covering up crimes makes us all guilty. Blaming the victims is just plain disgusting.

How silly that some people feel that admitting that we had a few bad guys somehow is a challenge to our entire way of life! We are proud to follow the Torah, which we receive on Shavous this week. Now let us earn the right to call ourselves the people of the Book. Torah is truth and honesty. It is time to be upfront with our problems and make sure that NOONE else is ever victimized again. .............

NEVER AGAIN is a phrase that we all use (and we should!) to denote that we will not tolerate the Nazis of the world who try to murder us. Well we also need to realize that those who cover up the truth are just as evil - even if they look like they are frum. There is a tough road ahead. It's time to set our moral compass and receive the Torah !!!